what happen?

monday, 130709, 4:21pm.
listening: the veronicas - speechless

i used to be awake
with sunshine on my face
everything was great
but now i watch the sun fade

there used to be sunlight
used to be moonlight
to shine the path of light
when i get uptight

warmth was all i felt
peace was in my heart
things were perfect
and happiness is what we had

what happen?

the sun is dying
and water is drying
the birds stopped chirping
maybe winter is coming?

back then things were beautiful
but now i felt the sudden chill
deep down in my heart i feel
how can this be real?

it was all hot,
but now it's cold
feels like everything's gone
and i'm left all alone

no warmth is what i fear
fear what makes me tear
trying to fill up the water
and hope things will get better